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Want to get physical with Ronnie? Hmmm? Well, now's your chance!

Ronnie has teamed up with celebrity trainer and High Performance owner, Clay Burwell. (He worked those model's hard core in MMAS Season 1) Together, they are offering you the ultimate opportunity to reach your fitness goals including 1:1 training! (That's HOT!) Weekly boot camp sessions are being organized now!!! For all the details check out this link: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=1017...6731&ref=nf
More details, photos, and video, under the cut - Click here...Collapse )

Catching Up With Ronnie Kroell From Make Me a Supermodel, Part I
July 17, 2009 by Jonathan Rosales, GLAAD's Entertainment Media Manager

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with Ronnie Kroell, the openly gay runner-up from the first season of Bravo’s Make Me a Supermodel. Ronnie, who was a big fan favorite on the show, especially among the gay community, filled us all in on what he’s been up to since the show ended:

On life after Make Me a Supermodel...

On Ben and “Bronnie"...

On Season 2 of Make Me a Supermodel...

On the Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Manhunt contest...
Friday’s the last day of voting for this fun contest! My friend Julie Carlson randomly emails me and is like, “I’m nominating you to be the next spokesperson for Urban Decay lip gloss” and I was just like “Well, okay. Whatever!” and she was so excited and put my pictures up there. She’s been an incredible support…she’s just amazing. She’s been pushing so hard to keep me in the top 10, which is essentially what I need to do until the end of Friday. I have to be in the top 10 and then the panel of judges at Urban Decay will determine two winners that will be flown to Southern California for a photo shoot and become one of the male models on the actual lip gloss container. It’s been quite a thrill, I’ve been lucky to have a lot of support in the community from places like Facebook, AfterElton and Feast of Fun.

You heard Ronnie! Today’s the last day to vote, so head to the website and show Ronnie your support. And check back next Friday when I post part II of my chat with Ronnie…and this time he brings his mom along!



Ronnie's mom! I love her. Stay tuned for the rest of the story...Coming soon!


remember: Today is your LAST CHANCE TO VOTE!!!


Photo shoot with Simon Biswas: http://www.simonbiswas.com/
Whether he's riding a horse...or a bad-ass motorcycle...Ronnie looks sexy riding anything!

Voting ends July 17...Cast your votes while you can...


Ronnie really knows how to rock the rugged cowboy look. I love this photo!

Ronnie recently spent a day in beautiful upstate NY...riding horses and modeling for Crown Royal. This hot snapshot is just a taste of the professional photos coming out soon...STAY TUNED!!!

Remember to VOTE!



Ronnie Kroell: Photobucket Slideshow

Posted on 2009.07.11 at 15:08
I've been working on creating some photobucket albums for public viewing of some of Ronnie's best photos. Enjoy this slide show featuring photos from the "Hunks in Trunks" charity event in Baltimore:

ALSO: Dont forget to cast your vote for Ronnie in the Urban Decay Lip Gloss contest today~
Right now he's in first place - Let's keep it that way!

Click the logo...It's a link to VOTE

YAY!!...Check this...

AFTERELTON.com gave Ronnie a shout-out in their latest edition of Best. Gay. Week. Ever. (July 10, 2009)

"Ronnie Kroell is only 117 votes out of first place to become the spokesman for UrbanDecay's Lip Gloss for guys. Not sure why he wants that particular honor but vote for him now!"

I believe we only have until the 17th to keep him in the running for this...So get those votes in while you can.

I'm adding a bit of eye candy to motivate you. Wouldn't this image be great on a tube of lip gloss?


June 5, 2009 at the New York Stock Exchange -

In honor of the 40th Anniversary of Stonewall , Chance Mitchell, NGLCC co-founder and CEO and Justin Nelson, NGLCC co-founder and president, ring The Closing Bell®.
 Ronnie says:    "Check out the ringing of the closing bell at the NYSE by the NGLCC. Such an honor to know Chance and Justin and I am proud to support their efforts in the community. What a historic day!! "   

Click Photo to see video from this event:



You can vote once a day on each IP address...So, find all the computers you can and VOTE for our man!!!

It's quick and easy...Only takes a hot second to cast your vote...Please check it out

team ronnie

VOTE for Ronnie Kroell - POCKET ROCKET MAN!!

Posted on 2009.06.16 at 17:38


Ronnie needs our votes! It's quick and easy...Only takes a hot second to cast your vote...Please check it out HERE


AfterElton.com's The Ladies' Choice Hot 50 Results are in...and Ronnie made the list...YAY!!!!

I didn't even know this contest was happening, so I wasn't able to cast my votes for him but it looks like he didn't need them because everyone thinks he's HOTTER THAN WHITE HOT!!

First, He made the Hot 100 voted on by AfterElton's male readers, and now he's made the Top 50 Ladies' Choice, as well...

Click the photo...It's a link to the List at AfterElton.com

to Ronnie


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